Chapter 51: New House

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“Nannan, you really have the ability to get into such a good job.” Grandma Yu also squinted her eyes with a smile, with a bit of pride and joy in her eyes.

Xu Nannan said modestly, “Maybe I was lucky, so I happened to be able to do those problems.”

“Then why don’t you see it, yourself? You worked hard to get those by yourself. I have seen it a long time ago, you child is a hard-working child.” Yu Donglai smiled.

And then it came to his mind again, “By the way, your household registration has been transferred. Is this house going to be done too?”

Xu Nannan blushed, “I planned to do so. After I have passed the Recruitment Exam, I will move Xiaoman’s registered permanent residence to join me, and Xiaoman will be able to eat the food in the future.”

In fact, even if Xiaoman didn’t have the food to supply, she still raises Xiaoman, although Xiaoman is always unsure, thinking that she is too tired to raise two people alone. No matter what, Xiaoman’s hukou still needs to be moved over.

Grandma Yu looked at Yu Donglai and said, “Lao Yu, let this matter be done as soon as possible. Once it is done, the two sisters should move in soon.”

Yu Donglai nodded, “Why don’t you move in today? I’ll do it when the Real Estate Bureau gets to work tomorrow.”

“It’s good to move here, you can come and see us often in the future.” Grandma Yu smiled.

Xu Nannan smiled and showed two small dimples, “Grandma Yu, if you don’t dislike it, we will bother you every day from now on.”

Xu Xiaoman shyly said, “I can still tell grandma Yu. I know a lot of words now.” She especially likes this kind grandma.

Grandma Yu was very happy, she pursed her mouth and smiled. She touched Xu Nannan’s head with her hand, and touched Xu Xiaoman’s head with her other hand.

Yu Donglai hadn’t seen his wife so happy for a long time, and he left them to prepare for lunch here, which happened to be noodles at noon.

Homemade miso, eaten with noodles, is not as delicious as anything.

Xu Nannan started to want to eat.

After eating at noon, the old lady is going to take a nap. Yu Donglai gave the keys to Xu Nannan and asked them to clean up the house so that they could move in at any time. He left the transfer of ownership to her.

Xu Nannan took the key, and couldn’t help feeling that she finally wanted to have a home, of her own in this strange era.

It is the first time for Xu Xiaoman to come to this future home.

After entering the small courtyard, the whole person was extremely excited.

“Sister, sister, can we really live here in the future?” Xu Xiaoman asked. It was the first time she lived in such a beautiful house.

Xu Nannan said, “Xiaoman, there are two rooms here. I plan to live in one of the two in the future, and then see if Grandpa Yu and Grandma Yu want to live in. After all, this is the house they gave us. We can’t forget our roots.”

Even if Yu Donglai didn’t say anything, Xu Nannan knew that she had accepted the house, which was equivalent to accepting a responsibility. She also knew in her heart that such a good house could not be exchanged for a little.

Xu Xiaoman nodded, “Well, sister, I know, Grandpa Yu and the others are good people, and Grandma Yu is very good, and I am willing to live with them.”

Xu Nannan was very happy to see Xu Xiaoman so sensible. She doesn’t ask Xu Xiaoman to become more capable in the future, but she must have a sound personality and never learn from those from the old Xu family.

“They may not come over yet. After we have cleaned up, we can ask them again.”

In fact, the house does not need to be cleaned up. Yu Donglai sometimes comes to clean up. If someone cleans up, the house is not easy to break down.

Water and electricity in the house are also connected. Just get some furniture in and you can live in.

Until the sun was about to set, the two sisters cleaned the inside and out of the house.

“Is it Lao Yu?” When the sisters were about to leave, someone pushed open the door of the small courtyard.

The old person was a woman in her fifties, with a Chinese character face, and the bags under her eyes were a bit big. Seeing the two sisters Xu Nannan in the yard, she looked surprised, “Who are you and what are you doing here?”

Xu Nannan has never seen this person, “We are cleaning here, and Grandpa Yu has given us this house.”

“Huh, he gives the house to you, for you to live?”

The woman immediately looked excited. She pushed the door and walk in, looking inside and out. What a nice house, Lao Yu’s family has never lived, nor is it for others. Suddenly, they lived with two children in the blink of an eye.

The woman looked at the two sisters Xu Nannan with a wary face, “What is your relationship with Lao Yu? How did he let you live in the house? Did you lie to him?”

Xu Nannan felt that this person was a little inexplicable, and frowned, “Who are you, we don’t know you either?”

“Hmph, I have been in the same unit with Lao Yu. How many years have we been together? If you are not honest with this person, you must have lied to him. I tell you, this house cannot be for you, so Lao Yu will not give it to you. You can’t live here.”

“If you don’t believe me, ask Grandpa Yu yourself. We’re going out, we have to lock the door, can you leave?” Xu Nannan was too lazy to talk to such a person. If she had a better attitude, she might explain it. But this person looked unhappy, as if she had robbed their house.

Xu Nannan took Xu Xiaoman out, and the woman hurriedly walked out, asking as she walked, “Don’t go, to make it clear, why is this house for you. Such a big house, how many people are in your family?”

“Auntie, you are going to check your household registration. Isn’t this what the police do?” Xu Nannan said to her in a straightforward way, and then directly closed the door and locked it with a click.

“Xiaoman, let’s go.” As he said, he took Xiaoman and walked directly to the mine.

She followed a few steps femininely, then suddenly, turned a corner, and went to Yu Donglai again.

Xu Nannan walked halfway, feeling that this matter was a bit unreliable, so she decided to go to Yu Donglai to talk about it. When she walked to the door of the yard, she heard the noise inside.

“Lao Yu, what did your family do with so many houses? The house has been empty for so many years and you still not let others live. Now you are allowing these two little girls to live there suddenly. You must be confused. You don’t want that house. It’s time for us to live in there. Your son has been dead for so many years. What are you doing with the house?”

“Get out, get out of here. It is not your turn to intervene in the affairs of our family. Li Jinhua, even if I retired, I will still be a member of the factory. It is really not possible. Let’s go to the factory committee for evaluation. If you pay it back and you were not convinced, let’s go to the country magistrate. My house under Yu Donglai was given to whom I loved to give it. The magistrate didn’t say anything at the beginning, so I was allowed to have this house in Yu Donglai. What’s wrong? This is My Son’s House!”

Xu Nannan heard Yu Donglai’s tantrum and ran in immediately, “Grandpa Yu,”

Then he looked at the woman named Li Jinhua “You go out now, don’t quarrel with Grandpa and Grandma Yu to rest here. Or I will go to the police.”

“If you have the ability, then find them. Yu Donglai and his wife are occupying so many houses. This is a capitalism. I have to sue.”

When Yu Donglai heard this, he immediately took a broomstick to chase the woman away, “You go and report it to the country magistrate. It’s the same.”

Seeing that he had taken the broom as an adult, Li Jinhua felt a little guilty, “Yu Donglai, just you wait!”

After speaking, she slammed the door out angrily.

Seeing people leaving, Yu Donglai panted and walked into the room. In the room, Grandma Yu was sitting on the sofa worrying.

“Has she gone?”

Yu Donglai said, “It’s okay, the person is gone.” Looking back at the two sisters Xu Nannan, he asked, “Why are you two back here again?”

Xu Nannan was a little guilty. She didn’t know that the woman actually ran to Grandpa Yu and made trouble. It seemed that Grandma Yu was still frightened. “Grandpa Yu, I’m sorry. Just now that person saw me and Xiaoman in the house and ran in and asked me. I didn’t care about her at the time.”

If she had known that, she had just solved it by herself, but now she had to suffer this crime from both grandpa and grandma Yu.

Yu Donglai waved his hand, “It’s okay. She’s just like this. She has been staring at my house for years. Nannan, let me tell you the truth. It’s not just Li Jinhua who stared at my house just now. They are all staring. All they want is to live in a spacious house.”

Xu Nannan knew the truth was that houses in the city were in short supply, and there were even families living in one house. Just draw a curtain, and the three generations are in the same house or big room. That’s why she liked the house that Yu Donglai gave at the time.

She likes to live in a spacious house, clean, and doesn’t want to go to squeeze the tube building with others.

Grandma Yu saw that Xu Nannan hadn’t spoken, thinking she was scared, and smiled, “Don’t listen to what she said, it’s useless for those people to want it. At the beginning, our house was left by the country magistrate. No one can touch it, nor even steal it.”

In fact, this house was supposed to be taken over by the public. After all, the Yu family and his wife were still working in the factory at the time, and the factory also arranged a house to live in. This house was completely useless. But at that time, their husband and wife’s sons were still there, and they wanted to keep the for their sons to marry in the future.

There is a son who is a soldier, and he is still an officer, so he needs to take care of him more or less.

Later, the son of the two elders died, and the city wanted to take back the house, and the old lady fainted at that time. For her, this is not only the house, but also the only thing she thinks of her son.

Yu Donglai simply wrote a letter to his son’s chief at the time, telling him about the family situation. The chief was furious. As soon as the soldiers died, they robbed the soldier’s house. Isn’t this chilling? So he personally called the country magistrate at the time and kept the house.

So this house has been empty for so many years, and no one dared to reach out. There were also people who took notice, but when the Yu family and his wife died, the house would naturally come in hand.

Speaking of things back then, Grandma Yu still burst into tears.

“Lao Yu also wants me to live in that house and vacate this house. Let other comrades in the factory live in. But I can’t bear to leave. This house is where my son grew up. I live here. I can remember how he was when he was a child. I can’t live for a few years at this age, and I don’t want to care about others.”

Yu Donglai said, “If you don’t move, you won’t move. This was arranged for us by the factory, and we didn’t grab it. The factory didn’t let us move. Why should we move for those people? Here it is. It’s a good place to live. It’s also good for Sister Nannan to live in that house. My son’s house is definitely not for those who have wrong intentions.”

“Grandpa Yu, don’t worry, I will take good care of the house and it won’t be damaged.” Xu Nannan promised earnestly.

The house left behind after so many twists and turns, even if Grandpa didn’t say anything, she still had to protect it.

Yu Donglai’s old face was a bit of relief, “Don’t be afraid, come to me if you have anything, I’ll talk to whoever dares to grab it.”

Xu Nannan smiled and said, “Grandpa Yu, I am not afraid of those people. We can’t let anyone steal it. Whose house should belong to, and whoever comes can not steal it.”

After today, she didn’t dare to let people come to Yu Donglai again. After encountering such a thing, she solved it by herself.

In the next few days, Xu Nannan began to arrange furniture in the house.

Xu Xiaoman was given some food coupons and asked her to go to the mine canteen to eat by herself at noon. Xu Nannan went to the house after work every noon.

There is almost no furniture in the house. Xu Nannan went to the flea market on purpose and bought tables and chairs. She wanted to buy a wardrobe, but she couldn’t even buy it. It was said that she has to buy it in Anyuan city, which is the capital city of the province, where there is a place to sell large pieces of furniture.

Xu Nannan was also going to follow the trend and buy some current furniture, but she didn’t expect it to be so troublesome. So she simply searched in the Taobao store.

After searching for a while, she found furniture that was similar in style to this era, and it didn’t make much difference. She especially bought a low-key log-colored wooden bed. The wardrobe is a big one, so she will buy it later. No way, whoever makes the wardrobe is also a rarity. She bought it abruptly, so it was hard to say.

She wanted to buy a large vertical dressing mirror. After thinking about it, she bought a small round mirror with a wooden dressing box.

The simple furniture is well placed, and it looks more like a home.

During the period, Yu Donglai also came to see the house, to see that she was all cleaned up, and asked her to move in early. He also proved the real estate to Xu Nannan.

At this time, there was no real estate certificate, and the Real Estate Bureau issued a certificate proving that the head of the house was Xu Nannan.

“Nannan, this house is handed over to you, and it will be your responsibility in the future. Keep it and take care of it.” Yu Donglai looked at the house sadly. After more than ten years, it finally has its owner.

Xu Nannan took the real estate certificate and looked at Yu Donglai, “Grandpa Yu, you and Grandma Yu should move to live with us, anyway, we can live with each other, and we can take care of each other.”

Yu Donglai didn’t seem to expect that she would say this, his expression was startled, and he looked a little excited.

Xu Nannan thought he would agree, but she saw him smile and shook his head, “I still can’t do it now, I and your grandma can’t bear to leave that house yet. It’s good for me to live there with her. It’s good for you to have this house, and that’s fine.”

Yu Donglai smiled, his mood seemed to be better, turned his back, humming, and left.

Xu Nannan stood at the door and sighed, then looked down at the real estate certificate in his hand. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, she entered the house, closed the door, and rushed to the uncovered bed.

She really has a house!

When they returned to the mine, the meal time was over in the cafeteria. They went to the state-owned restaurant for a meal of green noodles, and then returned to the dormitory.

Only Wu Qing, Zhu Fang and Xiaoman are in the dormitory. Xiaoman was lying on the bed doing homework. Jiang Lili seems to have something to do recently, usually returning to the dormitory very late, and Xu Nannan is also happy.

Zhu Fang was trying on her newly made clothes, and when she saw Xu Nannan was back, she immediately asked her to see it.

It’s the popular Denim outfit, dark blue, and it’s very energetic when worn on the body.

“That’s good looking.”

Xu Nannan said sincerely. Although there will be many fashions in the future, it is undeniable that the clothing of this era is also out of date. Coupled with the unique temperament of the workers at this time, they look steady and strong. Later, many non-mainstream clothing can’t match.

Zhu Fang was very happy, “Really, hehe, I just did it. By the way, you can make one set anytime, so you can’t wear work clothes all day.”

“I don’t usually go out, it’s very convenient to wear this.” Recently, she has been in the mine all day, and the wind blows into mine ash. She really didn’t even think about making new clothes.

“It’s time to make a set. Do you have a cloth ticket? Or I will borrow some for you. Our monthly cloth ticket is enough to make a set of clothes.” Zhu Fang said happily.

She especially likes to wear new clothes, and she is not bad for money. The stepfather and stepmother in the family dare not ask her for money. Sometimes her aunt will give her a little subsidy, so she can have a more comfortable life.

Xu Nannan shook his head, “I do have some cloth tickets myself, but I want to make a few Bragi to wear when it’s hot.” Well, she was living outside at that time and she could make new clothes and wear it herself.

“Yes, you are right, I’m going to buy Bragi later, um, then I have to buy a pair of small leather shoes to wear. No, I have to see how many industrial tickets I have. I don’t even have enough to buy a pair of small leather shoes.”

Zhu Fang hurriedly went to look through her small vault.

Xu Nannan smiled and looked back when Wu Qing was staring at them, her eyes seemed a little lost. She yelled, and Wu Qing withdrew her gaze, pursed her lips and smiled at her. Continuing to lower her head to continue mending clothes.

Seeing that she didn’t mean to say anything, Xu Nannan didn’t ask her to speak either, so Xu Xiaoman started to pack up her daily necessities, part of it today, part of it tomorrow, and slowly moved to the new house.

Just as Zhu Fang found the industrial ticket, she was happy to see Xu Nannan and Xu Xiaoman getting busy, and asked, “You don’t sleep in the middle of the night, what are you doing with your things?”

Xu Nannan stood up with a smile, “I’m going to talk about it when I invite you to dinner tomorrow. Xiaoman and I are going to move.” She didn’t plan to keep it a secret. She left the dormitory and had to have a place to go.

“Huh?” Zhu Fang was surprised. “Where are you moving? You’re not moving because of Jiang Lili, are you? Wre you afraid of her doing?”

Even Wu Qing looked up at her.

Xu Nannan said, “It’s not because of her. I’ve been here for so long. When do you think I’m afraid of her? I have a house outside and I want to move out with Xiaoman. After all, Xiaoman is not in our mine. I can’t let her squeeze in a small bed with me.”

The news was like a bomb, and flowers exploded in Zhu Fang’s head, “You have a house outside, where is it, and how big is it?”

“On the other side of the road, um, it’s quite spacious. It’s enough for me and Xiaoman.”

“Xu Nannan, you are really silent, you even have a house over there!” Zhu Fang stood up excitedly.

There is no way. The most precious things at this time are food and housing.

Except for those leaders, how many people in the mine have three generations in the same house? That’s really three generations squeezed in one room. In Zhu Fang’s house, the family was crowded together, so she simply moved out and didn’t go home. Anyway, if you have a stepmother at home, you have a stepfather, and it’s the same if you go back.

“Quickly talk about how you made the house. You are really capable.” Zhu Fang said with envy and hatred.

“It was just that Xiaoman and I were lucky. I met an old couple. They liked how Xiaoman and I were talking to them. Knowing that Xiaoman and I happened to have no house in the city, they let us live.” Xu Nannan said in half truth and half false.

“It’s that simple?”

Xu Nannan said, “Otherwise, what do you think? I don’t have anything, so how can I get a house?”

“I haven’t encountered such a good thing. No, I must visit your house.” Zhu Fang said with indignation.

“Of course, I’m still planning to invite you to have a meal after I move.”

“Fine, I will definitely go.” Zhu Fang’s mood at this time was even more excited than when Xu Nannan was admitted to a formal job.

The house, Nannan has solved it, this is great luck!

She heard from her aunt that it’s easy to have good luck by staying with people who are lucky. Oh, hasn’t it been a lot smoother recently?

On the other side, Wu Qing removed the needle that had been stuck on her finger, and gently bit the finger that she had been stuck on.

At noon the next day, Zhu Fang urged Xu Nannan to move.

Xu Nannan doesn’t have a lot of stuff, she and Xu Xiaoman don’t have many clothes, and the daily necessities are simple, a mattress with cotton wool and a quilt.

Xu Nannan said, “How will we move? I’m still waiting to move at night.”

Zhu Fang shook his head, “Why wait for the night? Moving in broad daylight is best. You move a quilt, I move a quilt, Xiaoman is carrying daily necessities, Wu Qing is carrying the package, isn’t it all right?”

Xu Nannan saw that this was really enough to move away in one trip. “Okay, but we can say it. When we finish moving, we will all go to the restaurant for dinner. Otherwise, I won’t need your help.”

Xu Nannan still attaches great importance to these courtesy matters. For nothing, people don’t give benefits, and how good the friendship is will be used up.

“Don’t worry, we never thought about letting you go. Don’t feel bad about it later.” Zhu Fang put the quilt on her back and strode out.

Xu Nannan immediately followed. Xu Xiaoman was also smiling and carrying things to keep up, even walking with excitement.

Wu Qing walked at the end, a little absent-minded.

After walking for about 20 minutes, they arrived at the house on Jianshe Road.

Xu Nannan opened the courtyard gate, and when Zhu Fang walked in, her eyes widened, “Oh my God, Xu Nannan, your house is spacious enough.”

“If your house is to let the government arrange someone to help, you must set up a shed in the yard, plug the family in, and then plug the family in the room. Look at how comfortable it is for you and Xiaoman to live together.”

Zhu Fang looked inside without being polite. Then put their things inside.

“Even the furniture is ready. I am jealous when I look at it.” Zhu Fang came out of the room with excitement and envy on her face.

Wu Qing also came out of another small room, frowning tightly.

“Xu Nannan, do you live in too spacious a place? There are many workers in the mine who have no houses to live in. Some people have not yet even married because of the big house problems. Jiang Lili has been dragging because of the house.”

Xu Nannan didn’t expect Wu Qing to say these things suddenly, and some did not react, “So what?”

“I mean, would you like to talk to the mine? This house can be redistributed to the mine. You are a formal worker in the mine. In this way, it will be easier to evaluate advanced things in the future.”

Xu Nannan hadn’t spoken yet, Zhu Fang was not happy for the first time, “Wu Qing, what are you talking about? This is Nannan’s house, why should she take it out?” She was not happy anyway.

Wu Qing said shyly, “I’m also for Xu Nannan’s good. Isn’t it good for her to live in a dormitory? This house is for two sisters to live in, which is a bit wasted. Now the house is so tight that so many people have no house to live in. How good is this to those in need?”

Now Zhu Fang is not the only one who can’t listen anymore, even Xu Nannan refused to listen. To be honest, she didn’t expect this shy and silent girl to say such a thing. And it’s pretty slippery.

Xu Nannan smiled faintly, “There are so many bad houses in the mine, who do I let out to live in? Besides, this is also something the leaders of the mine worry about. Let’s do our part with peace of mind. We’ll Just work and we’ll forget about the limelight. Besides, my house was given to let me live in, and I can’t just give it to others so suddenly. Isn’t this just taking other people’s things to make a profit?”

Zhu Fang nodded, “That’s right, it wasn’t Nannan originally, so what would it be like to take it out? If they really want to give it to others, the original homeowner will not isolate himself, waiting for Nannan to do good things.”

Wu Qing pursed her mouth, “I just talked about it. Don’t take it to your heart.”

Xu Nannan smiled. She did not speak, but secretly felt that she wanted to keep a little distance from Wu Qing. She has never felt that she is a bad, unselfish person, and selfless dedication is not even compatible with her. What Wu Qing said just now, no matter if she is kind or bad, she and Nannan will definitely not get along anyway, so it’s better to keep a distance from bad people.

Because of this incident, the atmosphere at noon was slightly affected. During the meal, Xu Nannan and Zhu Fang didn’t speak much, Wu Qing didn’t seem to be affected, she had always been so silent and shy.

In the afternoon, Xu Nannan went to the logistics department and left the single dormitory.

Knowing that Xu Nannan is Xu Jiansheng’s daughter, they thought Xu Nannan was going back to live, so they didn’t ask much.

Xu Nannan walked out of the logistics office and couldn’t help but feel happy.

Starting from today, she will live in her own house.

TL Note: That end of chapter 51

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