Chapter 50: Food shortage

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When Xu Jiansheng returned to the city from the village, he was almost off work. Instead of going home, he went to the mine to check his work. He has done his best all these years. He rarely asks for leave. However, after going back to his hometown one after another this time, things on the mine’s side have not been taken care of.

When passing by the Mining Committee, Zhu Fang was taking Xu Nannan and some people who were sitting in the office to the mine to familiarize themselves with the situation.

Xu Jiansheng also saw Xu Nannan inside, with braids and neat blue-gray overalls. Her complexion was rosy, and her cheeks were plump. At first glance, she looked healthy, and before her face was always yellow and thin in his memory. It’s not the same anymore.

When Zhu Fang saw Xu Jiansheng, she didn’t want to say hello. She used to think that Director Xu was particularly upright, but now seeing him behave at Xu Nannan, she feels that this person is particularly confused. But due to politeness, she said hello, “Director Xu, did you go to the mine?”

Xu Jiansheng nodded and said, “You also go to the mine?”

“Yes, they will all serve the mine workers in the future, so I have to be familiar with them, and I will take them around.” Then he introduced to everyone, “This is Director Xu, who is in charge of production in the mine. I will communicate with the workers in the future. For any matter, just ask Director Xu.”

The eight young people immediately called out loudly, “Hello, Director Xu.”

Xu Jiansheng nodded, then glanced at Xu Nannan again.

Like everyone else, Xu Nannan didn’t squint, and didn’t have the emotions she should have when she sees her father.

Seeing such a girl, Xu Jiansheng felt a little cold, nodded and left.

Wu Jian turned to look at Xu Nannan, he was smiling slightly at the corner of his mouth. He just saw it, Director Xu kept looking at Xu Nannan’s side.

Others feel nothing.

After all, there are still a lot of leaders at the mine, and the mining committee has seen a lot of leaders in the past few days, and Mine Manager Gao Yanshan has personally spoken to everyone.

After leaving work in the afternoon, Xu Nannan was the first to pack up and prepare to leave.

Wu Jian stopped her, “Comrade Xu Nannan, I think we may have a bit of a misunderstanding. We will go to the cafeteria for dinner together. Let’s discuss and discuss and try to resolve the misunderstanding. What do you think?”

After speaking, he held his glasses frame very gracefully.

Those who wear glasses at this time are all cultural people. It is easy to find someone who wears a pair of glasses on his eyes.

Xu Nannan looked back at Xu Meizi, the girl was looking at her side with a bit of pity.

“Well, I think you and Comrade Xu Meizi should be more topical and more like-minded. I have to pick up my sister from school. I don’t have time to discuss it with you.”

After speaking, she held bag and walk past Wu Jian.

Just as Wu Jian was about to leave, Xu Meizi came over.

“Officer Wu, are you reconciling with my sister?” She asked with a look of concern.

Wu Jian smiled and said, “There is no contradiction between us, just a bit of misunderstanding. I think our working class should have a tolerant mind, and Comrade Xu Nannan should have it too, not to account for the previous contradictions.”

Xu Meizi shook her head and sighed, “My sister has a bad temper, otherwise my uncle and my aunt will not cut off relations with her.”

Hearing this, Wu Jian narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his face was a little stiff. “Comrade Xu Nannan has severed relations with her family?”

Xu Meizi covered her mouth, looking like she was saying something wrong, she looked around, and whispered, “I’ll tell you too. Actually, it’s not a secret. People in the mine know quite a lot. She was not likable since she was a child. My grandma and my uncle and aunt didn’t like her. She was also very rebellious. No, she moved out by herself last year. My uncle simply broke off with her and wrote a letter of guarantee. That is, to leave her alone. Alas, I don’t know what she thinks. She is so stubborn. If she doesn’t speak well to you, don’t care about her. The whole family knows her temper like that.”

Wu Jian pursed his mouth and smiled, “It turns out that’s what happened. It’s no wonder that Comrade Xu Nannan was so strong before…”

Xu Meizi’s eyes are bright, “I haven’t thanked you for the previous things. So why don’t we go to the cafeteria for dinner together, as I thank you? My uncle often educates us to repay every bit of grace as a spring. “

“That way, I won’t be polite to Comrade Xu Meizi anymore.”

Xu Nannan didn’t know yet, Xu Meizi finally did a good thing this time. At this time, she was eating with Zhu Fang in the cafeteria, and Xu Xiaoman was eating and reading a book next to her.

Xu Nannan picks up vegetables for her and looks at the lesser and lesser food in the bowl. She feels that there has been very little oil and water recently.

She remembered that there were two meat dishes for dinner at the mine, but now there is only one meat dish every day. In the morning, the steamed buns and wowotou are not enough. They are rationed, and one person takes two. It’s only two or two grains in total.

Hearing her complaint, Zhu Fang said, “You should be content, just for single women like us, one person is full and the family is not hungry, and the family is not worried about not eating. Some old workers in mines have to raise a family. They can eat every day. Half full is good.”

Xu Nannan really didn’t realize this.

Because of Taobao’s relationship, she has never been hungry since she came here. When she wanted to eat meat, she bought it directly from Taobao. Although her life was not as cool as it was in the 21st century, she did not worry about eating and drinking.

Zhu Fang pointed to a middle-aged man who was sitting at a table not far away and was immersed in eating, “That old Jiang, who has been in the mine for ten years, raises a bunch of children and eats food. That little food supply is not enough at all. The monthly food coupons have to subsidize the family. He himself eats some soup and rice at noon every day, and he can’t even bear to eat vegetables. Workers like him, we have a lot in the mines. Also Wu Qing, who was in our dormitory, has a lot of younger siblings. The monthly supply of food was distributed, and she was taken home by her mother. She didn’t eat a few full meals in a month.”

It turns out that not all workers can eat and drink fully.

“Isn’t the welfare the best in the mine? This grain should be enough,” Xu Nannan asked.

“That’s enough, so we went to the mine, and changed to another factory. We thank God if we can eat a catty of grain a day.”

Zhu Fang ate it with big mouthfuls, “Eating much, I’ve seen it wasn’t enough for a while. It was the same last year. I ate well at the beginning, but I didn’t eat well after a while. I guess we will have to go to the state-run restaurant outside to have a meal.”

Xu Nannan felt a little heavy upon hearing this. In the 21st century, how can you not be full? But in this era, the workers in the city are tightening their belts, not to mention other things.

Forget it, she doesn’t want to concern herself with this kind of national affairs, it is not her turn to worry about it.

The next day when she went to work, Xu Nannan discovered that Secretary Wu finally did not come to her to discuss any philosophy of life. He’s ‘talking’ with Xu Meizi.

Even Zhu Fang could see that something was coming, and guessed that Wu Jian must have fallen in love with Xu Meizi on the first day, otherwise he wouldn’t be a hero to save Meizi.

Xu Nannan didn’t know how to say that people asked her to talk about the philosophy of life before, so she could only smile and acquiesce in her thoughts.

A few days later, Xu Meizi and the others also ended their studies at the Mining Committee and began to enter front-line jobs.

Xu Nannan and the others who sit in the office still have to continue their studies. Fortunately, there is no need to attend classes all day to learn the rules and regulations and advanced thinking of the working class.

The head of the high mine asked them to start helping the Mining Committee to share some of the work, which is considered to help them be familiar with the work of the mine in advance.

Xu Nannan suspected that this was a private use of the Mining Committee’s public equipment. Of course, she was not stupid enough to expose the ‘conspiracy’ of the Mine Manager Gao, but she met Li Chengwen, the Deputy Mine Manager.

When Li Chengwen saw her, he was very calm. It was hard to tell that the two knew each other. No one knew that Xu Nannan still entered the mine through his back door.

Regardless of Xu Nannan’s discovery, Li Chengwen often went to the mine’s director’s office recently, and his brows were frowned every time, with a preoccupied look.

Even the head of the mine seems to have something on his mind.

Under the influence of several mine managers, other people in the Mining Committee dare not speak loudly recently.

Finally coming to the holiday, Xu Nannan hurriedly led Xiaoman, carrying five tubes of dried noodles and a jar of milk powder for the elderly, to deliver at their home.

“Nannan and Xiaoman are here!”

The two sisters came again. Yu Donglai was very happy, and quickly let the two children in. Seeing Xu Nannan holding some dried noodles and milk powder again, he said, “Why are you bringing so many things here again? You have to raise Xiaoman and save some money.”

Because the house has already decided to live with Sister Xu Nannan, Yu Donglai now regards these two children as his own.

He even wondered, when the time was right, he would like to mention whether the two children were willing to be granddaughters for them, so that they would be the granddaughters of Yu’s family in the future.

Of course, he is still embarrassed to say this, lest Nannan and the others feel that they are guilty of retribution.

Xu Nannan put the dried noodles on the table, “Grandma Yu has a bad stomach, and she often drinks millet porridge, but there is no taste. Occasionally eating some dried noodles tastes good and easy to digest.

“Thank you for being so caring.” Yu Donglai was very happy, and went to wash fruit for the two children.

Grandma Yu also walked out of the house. This was the first time Xu Nannan watched her get out of bed.

“Grandma Yu, can you get out of bed?”

“I can get out of bed after the new year. Grandpa Yu took me out for a walk.” Grandma Yu smiled kindly.

She felt that she was able to heal so quickly, thanks to these two children. Because during the Chinese New Year, the two children came to eat at home, and her mood improved a lot and her body gradually recovered.

Grandma Yu came over and touched the heads of the two children, “Why haven’t you come to play at home for so long?”

Xu Nannan smiled and said, “I have started preparing for the recruitment exam in the end of last year. After passing the exam a while ago, I went back and transferred my account. Later I have to study at the Mining Committee and now I will be on holiday today.”

Yu Donglai heard the key point all at once, “Are you admitted? As a formal worker in the mine?”

“Well,” Xu Nannan nodded and smiled, “in the purchasing department.”

“This kid is really promising.” Yu Donglai slapped his face, smiling with wrinkles.

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