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“Fairy tales are more than true, not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

Neil Gaiman


Hi there❣

This is Alyssa from AL NIEA TRANSLATION. I translate novels as a hobby.

❥ I’m not Chinese nor a native speaker of Chinese so my translation may not be accurate.

❥ If it is not accurate, please immediately contact me to fix it as soon as possible.

❥ I translate Chinese novels with my friend Sei as my editor

❥ Please be patient with me when waiting for new chapters.

❥ If you want to recommend some novels, please contact me for me to check them out and decide if I will add them or not.

❥ I will announce any new and future project I will be working on

Thank you so much everyone for giving our translation group a try!


JUNE 29 2021:

➢ Starting tomorrow, we will have 2 chapters per day for Small Shop Owner in the 1960s

➢ We both decided to post special chapters to all who liked and follow our site

➢ I would like to apologize for the confusion, the subscribers are people who follow the site through their email, while followers, are the ones who follow the site by using their wordpress account.

JULY 3 2021

➢ To clear up the confusion, we release the Special Chapter/s of the day then we update the 2 regular chapters.

➢ We finally have a discord server:

➢ For our Ko-Fi Link:

JULY 6 2021

➢ Because of our busy schedule, we decided to reduce our daily updates to 1 Regular Chapter, 1 Special Chapter for Likes, and 1 Special Chapter for Followers. So we will post a total of 3 Chapters per day.

JULY 11 2021

➢ The number of release will depend on how many special chapters, we usually release 3 chapters a day, there will be a time we release 4 chapters due to the donation, so our total max of regular release is 3 chapters.

➢ If you donate to my Ko-Fi account, 1 chapter = 5$

JULY 12 2021

➢ There is a family emergency concerning the translators’ house so updates for today will be postponed. We apologize for the matter and hopes for everyone’s kind considerations.

JULY 21 2021

➢ We would like to apologize to everyone, Due to Connection Problems, we were only able to post one chapter for the yesterday update, but to make up for it, we will post a special chapter dedicated to everyone for waiting patiently for our updates.

JULY 22 2021

➢ Because of the Storm in our Country, We regret to announce that we will be reducing our number of Daily Updates from 3 to 1 Updates, Because the Internet Connection here has been unstable for a few days now, But we will still try our best to give everyone their Daily Updates. We are terrible sorry for the inconvenience, But we are hoping for everyone’s kindest considerations. We will update you again, once we have a stable Internet Connection.